My Life Code Is Real Infinity… What Does That Mean?

Friends or people that I know always ask me what religion are you? I usually tell them my regular straight-foward answer, Real Infinity. They usually give a very confused facial expression and ask me what is Real Infinity. Then I tell them what exactly Real Infinity is. 

 I don’t consider Real Infinity a religion rather I call it a life code or something that I would pattern all my thoughts and actions around. But religious people would consider it a religion so hey what can I do? So I call Real Infinity a life code. Now some might ask what does Real Infinity mean? Well let’s break down the words, real means what actually matters or what the truest form of something should be while reality means what something is in its present form. Reality is what you see when look outside your window but real is what truth you should you see when you look outside your window. Infinity means never ending or without stopping, so while I’m living my life I want everything that I do or say to be the truest form of my potential to the infinite degree. So my life code is Real Infinity. Now I do not pray to any God or I do not look the heaven or the sky for guidance in my life. Real Infinity is all about increasing my self worth or self confidence so instead of looking to a god for answers I look to myself for the answers and if I don’t know the answers then I will find them. Everything that I need to succeed in life or for survival is within’ me or I can attain myself so then understand that I don’t look to god but myself throughout my life. In that respect I think of myself as god. Not the god that a normal would think like the ruler or controller of the world but a god of my body, my mind, my self respect, my self worth, and my confidence.

In general Real Infinity is all about the truth and becoming the truest form of your potential to the infinite degree. The concept is not very complicated or deep but it is different. Think better. Do better. Be better. When you want to talk to god just look in the mirror.

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