Ken Nwadike Wants To End Racism With Hugs

For the past month of March, Ken Nwadike and his Free Hug Project have traveled to both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies and offered free hugs. Nwadike noted the different reception he recieved at the Sanders rally compared to the Trump rally. 


Everyone is going to have a different opinion on this Free Hug Project but my question to Mr. Nwadike would be why are you asking white people for hugs? You’re going to Trump and Sanders rallies so these people hate or just tolerate your presence. Do you any self respect or self love? I think Kwadije should have more respect for himself. Really what is the point? Going around to Republican and Democrat rallies and asking for hugs.

Stop wanting everyone to love you, everybody is not going to like you. And going around hugging people is not going to change that. Just accept that and have more self respect. Hugs will not end racism! 

3 thoughts on “Ken Nwadike Wants To End Racism With Hugs

  1. Just joined this app and come across this post. Very interesting read and I must say you put your argument across very well too. Even though I don’t agree with your critique of this mans approach to racism, I can appreciate that you addressing a wide-spread issue face on and expressing your opinions.

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