Behind Those Bars

 When I was 3 years old dancing on the dinner to the new hottest 50 Cent you were there laughing with the rest of my cousins. But as I grew older you weren’t around and then went away to prison. Sometimes I just imagine what those years were like I was only 3 but when I look at the pictures I just smile. You and me… my cousins enjoying each other you almost 20 and me at the tender age of 3. But now I’m older and the only time I can visit you glass seperates the two us. Behind that glass and those prison bars is what I used to know. The only time I see you is at funerals. But those chains, handcuffs and that jumpsuit hide what I used to know. I asked you if you remembered me and although it was almost 12 years since we seen each other your answer made me smile for the next couple of days. “Yeah I remember you” was your answer. Said with such certainty like you would never forget me. I hugged you and told you I love you before the gaurds took you out of the church and took you back to hell. Although I couldn’t find the strength to tell you at the time I think you know exactly what I wanted to tell you. That I can’t wait until you get outta prison. Damn I miss my cousin and I think you know even though I never spoke the words to you. 

Can’t wait until you get out!

Keep Your Head Up!

Stay Up! Stay Easy!

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