Makaveli – Blasphemy (Song Review)

Although “The Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory” was released after 2Pac’s death the album shines through in my opinion more than his previous album “All Eyez On Me.” Track #5, Blasphemy on the Makaveli album is one of the most stand out songs on the project. 


“My family consits of drug dealers, thugs, and killers struggling known to hustle screaming fuck they feelings.” Pac starts off the track with the undeniable poetry that he is known for. The track has  the aggressive tone that was necessary for such an amazing song like this. All over the track Pac delivers lines that would be considered blasphemy by religious followers.

“Tell me I ain’t God’s Son, momma a virgin we got addicted we had to leave the burbs.”

“They say Moses split the Red Sea, I split the blunt and roll the fat when I’m deadly.”

“People in Jerusalem waiting for signs, God coming she just taking her time.”

“Should we cry when the Pope die, my request we should cry if they cried when we buried Malcolm X”

“Momma tell if I’m wrong, is God just another cop waiting to beat my ass if I don’t pop?!”

“I leave this here and hope God can see my heart is pure. Is heaven just another door?” 

 If you don’t understand or you want to understand the musical and poetic genius of 2Pac then listen to this track. Pac has a lot of very clever and slick lines in this song. The way this track is constructed makes me enjoy the song even more. Is heaven just another door?

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