Thoughts On Batman v. Superman

From what I’m hearing the reviews of Batman v. Superman are not very well. But I don’t think that matters because the movie smashed at the box office. Although I consider myself a causal superhero and comic fan I really enjoyed the movie. 

 From the storyline, the anger Batman felt toward Superman, and the ultimate arrival of Doomsday. I  also the enjoyed the presence of Wonderwoman, The Flash, and Aquaman and the tease of Cyborg. My favorite of the movie by far was the lines of Lex Lother. Lex’s lines kept me interested all the way through the movie. 

 I don’t have much gripes with the movie mainly because I went to see the movie to see Batman and Superman on screen together and the special effects. Not by any means did I see the movie to see the connection to the comic books but that despite that fact I really enjoyed. Also IMAX 3D didn’t hurt my experience either.

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