Former Nixon Aide : The War On Drugs Was Created To Target Black People

Last week, a report circulated that a former domestic advisor for President Nixon John Ehrlichman admitted that the war on drugs was created to target and destroy black people. Ehrlichman was serving prison time for his involvement in the Watergate scandal revealed the information. The interview is old and Elrlichman has since passed away in 1998. 

 While this is not anything surprising to people that already knew that the war on drugs was fake. The government’s plan was to criminalize black people and our communities with the help of the media so that when black people were abused and given football number prison time sentences no sympathy was felt by anyone. “We could arrest their leaders, raids their home” it sounds very similar right? The war on drugs is nothing but another holocaust against black people by the government. The guns and drugs were not brought into our communities by us so this was obviously a plan plotted by the government. This is not conspiracy I’m just using logic and thinking skills. Knowing the history of this country and the surrounding circumstances it is undeniable.

Source : Huffington Post

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