#BernieSanders & #HillaryClinton Do Not Care About Black People

Democratic presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have said absolutely nothing about black people in their campaigns. And that’s absolutely fine with me. No democratic candidate whether that be Republican or Democratic is going to care about or save us. We can do it ourselves. But both Sanders and Clinton have disrespected black people and our history by opposing reparations for black people.

For a decade, families of Holocaust victims pushed for a French railroad to pay the families for carrying Holocaust victims on the railway. Bernie Sanders supported and sponsered the bill that would make the French railway to pay the families. 


In 2014 Sanders sponsered a bill that supported reparations for families of victims of the Holocaust. But recently Sanders said that reparations for black people would be “divisive”.  So Bernie, reparations for these families wouldn’t be “divisive” to France? It’s just Sanders does not care about black people. And he has yet to express any plan for black people specifically in his campaign.

Now we move on to Hillary Clinton. Yes the black people are “super predators” Hillary and the same Hillary that was helping mass incarcerate black people.

While at a Senate campaign in 2000 Hillary was asked if she thought slavery reparations were owed to black people.  

Clinton said we’re owed an “apology”…. f*ck an apology. Pay what is owed. Then Clinton said that herself and the people she’s works with are focused on the future. How about you fix the fucked up past then you can focus on the future. The future can never reach it’s full potential if the past is not fixed or repaired.

Both Sanders and Clinton have repeatedly shown that they have no care for black people. They’re not our “democratic savior”. No one is our savior but ourselves. Everything we need we can attain and everything we want we can have it. 

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