What Happened To Those Years?

Summer time meant family reunions, cookouts, and late night hide and seek. Laughing all day and just being kids. Death, money, or world problems didn’t cross our minds. That’s the gift and the curse. Too young to care about the world, but too young to change the world. Afternoon kick ball games and it didn’t matter which team won. Nothing mattered to us. Expect obviously having a lot of fun. As we grew older, people changed. Some moved away, most grew up. Many years and memories later I’m just sitting here thinking about the fun times growing up. After all the memories are retraced I have to ask myself…. what happened to those years? You never know the importance of a moment until it becomes a memory. We all went our seperate ways but those childhood memories never left. Those years are never coming back. No more kickball games, no more late night hide and seek games. Just the nostalgic feeling when they cross my mind every so often.

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