[T]he [H]ate Yo[u] [G]ive

I’m apart of the forgotten group. Taken advantage of, raped, and used. Now they say we must make it ourselves but we never recovered from our living hell. Our neighborhoods are left to root with no development and feel more like jails. Generations of lost souls are produced. No love, no recourse, no regroup. Only pain remains from years that we were enslaved. The world took advantage our unpaid labor. Thought of us as animals and never appreciated our ultimate favor. Now that I’ve learned of the true history and escape the mystery. I come from kings and queens. I now have pride and rejected the lies that they gave me. Rejected that the hate they gave me. Now they call me a thug. The Hate You Give will only come back on you. So who’s the real the thug? I’ll ask you again…… who’s the real thug?

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