Blackface Is Still Here

The idea of blackface began in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in minstrel shows. The purpose was to start and perpetuate stereotypes of black people by white actors painting their faces black. While they in were in blackface the white actors protrayed stereotypes of black people that still exsists today. That black people are violent by nature, unable to have high intelligence, and that black man lust after white women. Obviously all of these stereotypes are false but with the climate of Jim Crow and slavery just ending white supremacists had a find a way to make black people at the bottom of the social order. 

Although the popularity of menstil shows have decreased, blackface is still here and common. Private parties and Halloween have given white supremacists the oppurtunity to wear blackface. Even up to this last Halloween pictures surfaced of a white couple dressed as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West, with the man in blackface. Another photo surfaced online of former president Bill Clinton at a party with someone in blackface. 


Even up to this recent picture of a group of white people pictures staging a 19th and 20th century lynching with the man dressed in blackface. 


This should show everyone that blackface has not disappeares at all and still a method of racists to celebrate their evil religion of white supremacy. 

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