#Trump Is Supported By Neo-Nazis & Racists

“Presidential candidate” Donald Trump has to no one’s surprise gained most of his support from Neo-Nazis and racists. The reason Trump received support from that crowd because Trump has shown his racism and agrees with the views of those groups. 

Trump rallies have given racists a chance to excude their hatred verbally and physically without any punishment. A couple months ago, a black man was abused by Trump supporters then thrown out from the rally. Then last week a female black teenager was physically abused by Trump supporters and then thrown out of the rally. Donald Trump rallies are a breeding ground for white supremacy.

Recent pictures have surfaced online of Trump asking a crowd at a rally of his, to pledge their vote in his favor. The gesture Trump asked the crowd to perform was the same gesture of white supremacists Adolf Hitler and Nazis. 


Donald Trump plays on the fears  of white people and white supremacists. To support Trump you have to be really ignorant, racist, or self hating. Trump is playing his part and doing his job by scaring people into voting. But it doesn’t matter who is elected because the President in many respects is a figure head controlled by money and bankers.

If you’re shocked by the support of Trump you need to check yourself. If nothing else the blacklash from the election of President Obama and the support of Trump should show that this country is far from post racial and is one of the most racist countries in the world.

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