Unwritten II

The elavator read “out of order” so the only alternative were the STAIRS. Walking through the dirty hallways the smell of poverty and hopelessness dominate the building. I don’t fell like anyone understands us. They just judge and blame us for our situation. Only focusing on our the current state and not trying to find solutions. The people within’ these buildings are broken in every way and aspect. Seeing no way out they become suicidal,  in terms of their mindset and actions. Even though I try not too, I also fall victim this mindset because I’m also in the same environment. Survival becomes a necessity and crime is the result. We’re left out to fend for ourselves and left for DEAD. We’re protrayed as animals by SOCIETY, so in turn we internalize those stereotypes. Some like myself try to escape the matrix of this building, but we’re powerless by ourselves. So we try to educate and talk to others inside this building about planning an escape. But the efforts bring no results. The others we try to help are too stuck and have become comfortable in this building. This building has trapped us inside despite the EXIT door only being a few feet away. But we’ve been conditioned and controlled so much that we don’t even see the EXIT door to this building.

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