Thoughts On #NinaSimone Biopic

The trailer for the upcoming biopic “Nina”  on the legendary singer Nina Simone recently was released starring Zoe Saldana as Ms. Simone. The trailer is very diarespectful to the legacy and message of Simone’s music. The estate of the late singer released a statement condeming the movie. 

 Saldana had to darken her face and wear a fake nose for her role as Simone. Yes is Saldana is wearing blackface…. if that’s not disrespectful then I don’t what is. She wearing blackface like it’s a menstral show. Obviously the director and producer of this movie have no respect for the legacy of Simone, it’s clear that they’re just out for a money grab. Nina Simone had pride in being a black women and especially at the height of her career in 1950’s and 1960’s. So many other actresses could’ve played Ms. Simone in this biopic, a suggestion includes someone like Viola Davis. I hope this really flops, this movie is beyond disrespectful to black people and to Ms. Simone’s family.

The trailer and this movie shows how Hollywood will be quicker to accept a black woman who is of a lighter tone or doesn’t identify themselves black. Many actresses that actually look like Simone and of her same skin tone could’ve acted as the singer. But that is not the reality of the situation. Leave it up to Hollywood to absolutely try to destroy the image of a proud to be black legendary singer.

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