#AkielDenkins Shot By Race Soldiers In Raleigh, NC

Yesterday afternoon in Raleigh, North Carolina a shooting involving Akiel Denkins and race soldiers occurred. Denkins was wanted by police and a warrant was issued for his arrest, when the officers arrived Denkins fled the scene because he did not want to be arrested. When Denkins began to flee and run away he was shot 7 times in the back by the race soldiers. 


So there were reportedly 40 witnesses to this murder. You do not shoot a fleeing suspect. This sounds like a twin situation to the Walter Scott murder. Shooting a fleeing person 7 times in the back is murder. It is not self defense, it is not you “fearing for your life”, it is murder. 7 times and 7 bullets to the back….. in the back. Akiel Denkins is another victim to race soldiers. Akiel Denkins is now another hashtag on Twitter. What’s going to happen to these race soldier(s)? Absolutely nothing as usual. By now we know the routine, murder the black person, get paid vacation, and avoid jail or prison. By the early reports this looks like murder of another black male due to the actions of savage race soldiers.

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