Klu Klux Klan Rally Turns Violent In #Anaheim

On Saturday in Anaheim, California the Klu Klux Klan announced that they would be holding a rally at Pearson Park. Before the Klan arrived for the rally protesters were present to protest the Klan’s rally. The rally soon turned violent, 13 arrests were made by police and 3 people were stabbed. 


When there is a terrorist group having a rally you should expect violence. And that’s exactly what occurred. The Klan began to terrorize the community…. and that’s not new. One Klansmen used a flag pole to attack a protestor. This is what the Klan does and brings, violence and destruction. The fact that the Klan is allowed to have a rally shows the racism and white supremacy in this country. The Klan was doing what they were created to do and that is to cause violence and destruction against black people. The citizens of Anaheim were not having the Klan rally in there home and I love to see them protect their community from terrorists. You’re supposed to protect yourself from terrorists and that’s what the people of Anaheim did. 

What’s the difference?

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