#HillaryClinton Wins Majority Black Vote In South Carolina Primary

Hillary Clinton recently won the South Carolina primary and defeated her opponent Bernie Sanders. Black voters in South Carolina carried Mrs. Clinton to her victory, 60 percent of the voters in the primary were black voters. About 80 percent of black people voted for Clinton in the Democratic Primary. 


Let’s be honest, you should be not surprised that Clinton was carried to victory in the South Carolina Primary due to the black vote because there are “fogiveness negros” in South Carolina. When Dylan Roof shot up that church black “negros” were forgiving of that terrorists. This just goes along with that pattern. Now the same black people voted for Mrs. Clinton who has not specified her plans for black people. All Clinton speaks on is “minorites” and that’s not good enough. When other “minorities” are getting benefits they don’t mention black people…. so why should we? If Hillary Clinton is not going to respond when we demand or present a plan for her then we as black should not vote in the presidential election. The black voters in South Carolina obviously didn’t get the message to not for Mrs. Clinton, who has repeatedly shown her disdain and disrespect for black people.

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