Nas – 2nd Childhood (Song Review)

Nas’s song 2nd Chilhood appeared on his classic album Stillmatic in 2001. The song carries the theme of having a 2nd Childhood, meaning that a person has not completely grown up and still acts like child.

Nas perfectly tackles this problem and subject beginning the track reminiscing on his own childhood. Although Nas has mastered the rap “arubics cube” he still can’t let go of his past experiences in Queensbridge. Nas by reminiscing so strongly on his younger days he’s also somewhat stuck in his 2nd Childhood.

Nas then explains the story of 31 year old man who still living with his mom and “broke his mom’s furniture watching Comic View.” He was paroled to his mom’s house after leaving prison. While all his friends have moved on and left the neighborhood he is still out with the younger people trying to fit in. He never grew up and he’s stuck in his 2nd Childhood.

The third and final story of the track follows a 27 year old single mother who has a kid but can’t seem to act her age. She has a different friend every week, is addicted to shopping, “yakidy yakks like she was 12” in the street. Because of her maturity problems her son suffers, he doesn’t recieve the love that he deserves from her.

Nas told the stories like a true emcee, his voice grabs you from the beginning and the stories keep you intriged throughout the track. 

Listen To 2nd Childhood Here

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