#BlackLivesMatter Activist Confronts Hillary Clinton In South Carolina

Wednesday night at Hillary Clinton’s fundraising event in South Carolina, Ashley Williams an youth activist confronted Mrs. Clinton. Williams stepped on the stage, demanded Clinton apologize for her 1996 “super predators” comments and her role in mass incarceration, and ask Clinton her plans for the issues of black people.


This what black people need to do more often. You demand that these politicians do something about our issues, and if they don’t respond accordingly then you simply don’t vote in the presidential election. Local elections are far more important and have more of a specific impact on your life. If these presidential candidates ignore black people then don’t give them your vote or support. Presidents are selected not elected anyway. Mrs. Clinton has shown consitently that she doesn’t give a damn about black people and has disrespected us more than once publicly. No black person in this country should vote for Hillary Clinton or for that matter in the presidential election because not one candidate has announced what they’re going to do for black people specifically. 

The black vote will “key” to Clinton getting the Democratic nomination and since Mrs. Clinton responded by throwing Williams out of the fundraiser black people should not vote in the South Carolina primary. The Democrats or Republicans have shown zero interest in black people, so our proper response should be to not participate in this upcoming presidential election

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