Retail Therapy

Low self esteem so you buy the new Jordans to compisate for your low self worth. Why don’t you value yourself? When you put that “gold” chain you feel like a king. A real king doesn’t need jewelry to be of some high status. You don’t value yourself as a king, that’s why you don’t feel like a king without a chain. You have all of he new clothes and wear them to show everyone else that you’re not broke. But you are mentally bankrupt. When you look in the mirror I bet that you don’t like what you see. So the clothes, shoes, and jewels become a mask to cover what you hate. But those material objects can only cover so much because anyone can see that you’re in pain. What happens when all the clothes, shoes, and jewels are gone? How do you feel? Don’t let what you wear define you. Your clothes should display what your mindset or goals are, not define what you are. You should have the same self worth whether you’re wearing Jordans or Converse. What’s the difference anyway? You should be the difference, you’re better than a retail slave. Be your own brand, don’t let a brand define who you are.

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