Let me start off by saying that I’m not a supporter of Hillay Clinton. I don’t and never have liked Clinton because of her history as first lady, her words, and the actions of her and her husband, Bill Clinton while in office. 

Now many women support Mrs. Clinton because she appeals to that crowd of women’s rights. But many black women get confused and think that’s Clinton is speaking for all women, but she’s really only speaking for white women. 

Hillary Clinton made the “super predator” comments about black people flat out saying that black people were criminals and lusting after white women. Clinton played inot the old stereotypes that black people committ the most crimes and black men lust after white women. Mrs. Clinton spoke this on television so she didn’t have a problem showing her white supremacist view to a national audience. Clinton spoke of black people needing to be “healed” like animals of some kind. http://youtu.be/ALXulk0T8cg 

While she was first lady to her husband Bill Clinton during the 1990’s they both contributed to the mass incarceration of black males with the 1994 Violent Crime & Law Enforcement Act. This act included the three strikes rules. Hillary Clinton putposely ignores black women, made white supremacist comments about black people on television, and contributed to the mass incarceration of black males. 


2 thoughts on “#HillaryClinton

  1. What she is, is she’s anti poor. Just like every other Democrat and Republican. She’s anti white, too, she’s just pro WASP, and pro Caucasion. She could give a fuck about the average white person, and the average person in general!! No matter the race. Good post.


    1. Most rich white politicians don’t even care about the average white person. That’s a big con that politicians run, they’re pubicly racist towards black people, but pretend to care about avergae white people and they don’t.


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