Morehouse Students Perform Step Routine At #BernieSanders Rally

Bernie Sanders held a rally at Morehouse in Atlanta last Tuesday in his traveling for a presidential election. The crowd was 5,000 strong to hear Sanders address the audience. But even before the presidential candidate could speak a group of Morehouse students decided to perform a step routine for Sanders. Yes you heard me right they performed a damn step routine. 


This is too much like a slave plantation for me. Why in the hell are you dancing for a presidential candidate? Really this is what it has come too, this is absolutely stupid. Black people stop dancing for people all the damn time! These Morehouse students are dancing for the same person that said that he opposed reparations for black people. So you’re dancing for someone who doesn’t repsect your history and pain. Sanders doesn’t give a damn about black people, if he did he wouldn’t say reparations would be “divisive”. This looked like a damm plantation celebration, stop dancing for people that don’t give a fuck about you.

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