Call The #Kalamazoo Shooter A Thug

On Saturday night in Kalamazoo, Michigan gunman and terrorist Jason Dalton killed six people. Dalton rode around Kalamazoo spraying bullets at will, until he surrendered to law enforcement after his murder spree. The media was very quiet about this mass murder spree that took place Saturday night. Dalton was not talked about very much, but instead was labeled an “uber driver” instead of the dehumanizing terms that black people usually are labeled with so often. 


Jason Dalton was not labeled a thug, terrorist, scum, or hethen like Clay Higgins labeled the fictious Gremlin Gang “terrorizing” Lousiana.           The fact is white terroists and murders are protected by the media. There is not any fear placed into citizens by the media about white mass murders. There is not any whitephobia about white males shooting up schools. White criminals are purposely protected by the mainstream media at large. For this reason many people didn’t even know about Dalton terrorizing Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday night.

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