The 1967 Mulford Act

In 1967, soon be president and then California Governor Ronald Reagan enacted the Mulford Act. The Mulford Act made it illegal to carry a loaded firearm in public in the state of California. The Mulford Act was in response to The Black Panther Party for Self Defense doing cop-watching in the neighborhoods of Oakland. 

Cop-watching would include Black Panthers doing armed patrols to protect people from police brutality. Reagan got scared at the idea of black people wanting to protect their own neighborhoods from crooked cops and those trying to cause harm. Just the picture of the fearless Black Panthers patrolling their neighborhoods placed fear in the hearts and minds of racists like Reagan. To protest the Mulford Act, Black Panthers exercised their right to carry arms by marching at the California State Capitol with firearms.

The Mulford Act was just an extension of gun control laws against black people like in Jamestown in 1619 and the Black Codes during Reconstruction. All the Black Panthers wanted to do was protect black people in Oakland from police brutality and vigilantes. But Ronald Reagan just couldn’t take black people protolling their own communities and passed the Mulford Act to sabotage the Panther’s fearless efforts.

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