Beyond The Lights (Movie Review)

Beyond The Lights is a romantic drama film that was released in 2014. The film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Noni Jean, a new musical superstar who is on top of the world. Her sudden love interest Kaz Nicol played by Nate Parker, emerges when he saves Noni’s life.  

Noni Jean is an international superstar and seems to have the perfect life, 3 #1 songs, a Billboard award, and an upcoming album. The focus of the film is beyond the lights, beyond Noni’s public figure and shows the demons she’s really fighting. Noni is truly unhappy and depressed due to not having a private life, dealing with her label, and trying to live up to her mother’s unrealistic expectations. Kaz brings the normal out in Noni, and she begins to feel normal again. Noni can be vulnerable around Kaz because he sees what everyone else around her ignores, that Noni is depressed, lonely, and needs help.

Although I cannot personally relate to Noni’s struggles I think this movie does an amazing job of showing the potential trials of a young superstar. Noni seems to have it all, but really has nothing at all. Every girl wants to be Noni and every man wants Noni but she is emotionally and psychologically trapped inside the lights of fame and fortune.

Watch Beyond The Lights!!!

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