Material Wears Out, But Knowledge Stays : Give Your Kids Knowledge

Some parents that come from poverty attempt to give their children everything that they never had when they were children. It is nothing wrong with giving the best of material objects that you can afford, but there has to be a line. I think it’s more effective for the growth and development of your child to teach them what you didn’t know than to give them everything you didn’t have. 


Material things will eventually wear out. Whether that is toys or games you buy your children. If you teach your kids knowledge they can retain that information and apply that information when they become older. Some will get caught in buying the best for their children while all along ignoring what they can teach their children. That knowledge is more important than that video game. No matter the knowledge, whether it’s knowledge of history, money, or politics. Give something to your kid that they can carry throughout this road of life. 

Material wears out, but knowledge stays.

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