Something To Think About Part VI : GOD

Who is God? Good question. What is God? Good question. What does God mean? Good question. 

Religious followers say that people are created in “his” image, meaning god. Well what if god is not real. I think of god as a metaphor for the universe. We are created not in “his” image but we’re created in “its” image, meaning the universe. The universe being god makes much more sense then some man named god creating the while universe in 6 days. I never believed that god was in the sky and when you die you go to geaven. I concluded that people created this fictional place called heaven to cope and make excuses for the evils of the world. Karma I feel the same about, god is not going “punishment” evil people who abuse people or the planet. It is up to the people to punish that evil person, not some fictional god to punish that person. My thoughts on religious book like the Bible and the Qu’ran is that I look at those books just as I would read a fictional, mythical story. The stories and experiences in religious texts are cool stories and have a message that people can apply in their lives. I don’t think those religious books should be taken as “gospel” and people shouldn’t pattern their lives around a fictional book.

I don’t have a problem with religious followers, not at all. If being religious helps you live a healthy life then by all means follow your god. But religious followers and myself have a fundemental difference on the concept of God. I think the most logically conclusion on “God” is that god is just a metaphor for the universe.

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