J. Cole – Caged Bird (Song Review)

This past December, Dreamville Records released the 2nd installment to the “Revenge Of The Dreamers series. The track 9 track project features label artists J. Cole, Bàs, Cozz, Omen, Lute, and Ari Lennox. One track on the project, “Caged Bird” features J. Cole and Omen expressing the life and the world of a Caged Bird.

J. Cole kicks the song off by speaking on the over population of black males in prison. The situation of the Caged Bird is present in prisons across the country with black males. Cole raps that the “Caged Bird” is stripped of humanity in life and made to feel less than human, and then in turn commits crimes. Omen then expresses that he feels “caged by the visions by the blind.” Omen says that he started as king and turned to a slave, alluding to the history of Black Americans. Omen finally ties the idea of the Caged Bird to his own life, him being an artist makes Omen fells as though he is just a “Caged Bird” on a stage singing and rapping songs.

J. Cole closes the song out with a very powerful conclusion, “freedom’s just an illusion.” Cole feels as though everyone is a “Caged Bird” in some sort of way. Whether you’re trapped by relationships, money, or your pain or issues. This song perfectly expresses the situation of the Caged Bird.

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