Something To Think About Part V : The Civil Rights Movement #BlackHistoryMonth

Let’s talk about the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s really talk about the Civil Rights Movement. The movement’s goals were flawed in that the problems of black business creation were not addressed.

 The Civil Rights Movement focused too much on things like eating and drinking coffee with white people as John Henrik Clarke states. The focus of the movement was guided towards non-tangible goals. After segregation why would I want drink coffee with someone who has oppressed me. That doesn’t make any sense. The focus should’ve been on institutions that can protect you from a violent system and build your community. When intregation occurred it was one of the worst things that happened to black people in America. Black people then thought that white people and white businesses was better, thought their “ice was colder.” This absolutely destroyed the black dolar and black business. The money that would circulate throughout the black community and build black institutions were destroyed by intregation. The money that supported black businesses now went to white businesses. To some of the same people who still wanted to lynch you, but they would obviously take your money. The Civil Rights Movement didn’t focus on black businesses creation, so when intregation occurred black businesses were then finacially destroyed.

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