Bill Ramonowski on #CamNewton After #SB50

Last night after the Super Bowl and during the post-game press conference Cam Newton was very non-responsive and short with his answers to reporters. Newton’s reaction after the game caused much reaction from fans and tv personalities. Former NFL player, Bill Ramonowski took to Twitter to express his opinion about Newton’s actions during the post-game press conference. 


Bill Romanowski you are a white supremacist and it’s that simple. First you conclude that you think Cam Newton thinks the world revolves around him. Wow, just because Newton is excited when playing quaterback and not a tamed “yes sir” black quaterback like say Russell Wilson. Then Bill you take it a step foward by adding “boy”. That’s when you entered white supremacist territory. The word “boy” was used by slave masters during slavery and white men during segregation, to establish that the black man was inferior in that he was not even a man. And then Bill why even apologize, just accept your words. Stop with the fake apologies, just admit that you’re a full blown white supremacist. Don’t hide behind your apology, you are not sorry and you knew exactly what you meant by using “boy”. Bill Romanowski showed your true feelings, you exposed yourself.

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