The Homestead Act Of 1862

In 1862, during the Civil War the Homestead Act was enacted. The Homestead Act gave any adult citizen the oppurtunity to attain 160 acres of government land. If you had not gathered arms against the U.S. and an adult citizen (white male) you were able benefit from the Homestead Act. 


Once again, this shows the history of “white handouts” by the federal government. Never let anyone tell you that you, as a black person who is a descendant of slaves don’t deserve reparations. Don’t let anyone tell you that black people are given “handouts” when that in fact is a lie. The Homestead Act gave away land  for free and people have and still benefit from this act. No one in this country has historically been given more handouts than white people, don’t fall for that “black people get the most handouts” con game. Because it is nothing but a con game, intended to lie and disease your mind with misinformation.

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