#NatTurner : 1831

Nat Turner was a slave, a freedom fighter, and led a rebellion in South Hampton, Virginia in 1831. Turner was taught to read and write at an early age and gathered his fellow revolting slaves in a church. In this church Turner and fellow slaves planned and spoke about the upcoming insurrection. Turner was a very religious man who thought that through him God would bring wrath upon his oppressors. In August of 1831, Nat Turner along with 70 other slaves led a rebellion in South Hampton killing his master. Turner and the other slaves went across Virginia killing everyone in sight who he saw as his oppressors. Nat Turner’s rebellion is one of the most famous insurrection that occurred during slavery, because of the casualties during the insurrection and the response of slave owners after the rebellion by killing over 200 black people. After two months Turner was caught, hanged, and his head was cut off. Nat Turner’s rebellion left an lasting impact on the institution of slavery. Due to Turner’s insurrection, legislation was passed that no one was allowed to teach free or enslaved blacks to read and black people were not allowed to assemble without a white minister present.

In my opinion, Nat Turner was a hero. Turner stood up to an unjust system of slavery and did what he thought was necessary to escape slavery. Turner didn’t lay down to the institution of slavery and he got rid of anyone who attempted to stop him from gaining his natural human freedom. Some will say “well he did murder people” and to that I say so what, in what other way could Turner get his freedom. No man is going to give you freedom, that something you take if you’re denied that human right, Turner went for his freedom by any means necessary. Everyday black people were abused, tortured, castrated, and murdered during and after slavery, Turner was escaping that disgusting institution. Nat Turner is my hero because he refused to be a slave, and it’s a natural human right to escape any form of slavery, so Turner was not wrong in any way in seeking his freedom, it was his human right to be Free.


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