The Headright System

The headright system was the granting of land in the original 13 American colonies, these grants were used in the settlements of Jamestown and the Plymouth Colonies. With the institution of slavery present, an European immigrant was given 50 acres of land if they brought along a slave with them. 


The Headrights System gave free land to early Europeans, and additional land to immigrants with slaves. This system gave away free Native American land, while enslaving blacks for the benefit of Europeans gaining free land. The racists are always talking about “handouts” but that’s all the Headrights System was. It was free  handouts of land to white European immigrant in the 1600’s and it helped the institution of slavery. And the same racists that say black people get “handouts” and oppose reparations, ignore the history of white “handouts” like the Headright System.

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