Trapped In These Fences

As we travel this journey of life the people that I come in contact with tend to build these fences. Self-imprisonment is one of the most painful visions to see spread. Confined by the possibility of failure, scared to use your wings to fly so your legs become the next best option. Fences are built up to protect people from the real issues of life. Fences built so high they meet with the skyline and intercept the harmony of the heavens and the stars. Imprisoned by these fences, scared to travel outside the self-constructed barriers. Barricaded behind the blockade so money is spent on frivolous objects and the anxiety of failing or falling keeps individuals enclosed. Cornered inside fences with a slight vision of daylight while thirsting for a glimmer of hope. Constricted by fences, restricted by life, some never escape, perpetual victims. Never able to build relationships, each person becomes an island upon itself.

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