Kendrick Lamar – Untitled 2 (Song Review)

Earlier this month, Kendrick Lamar debuted a song named Untitled 2 (Blue Faces). This song was the second installment in Lamar’s Untitled series. His usually debuts the records on late night shows like Colbert and Fallon. Kendrick’s Untitled 2 fuses Hip-Hop and Jazz smoothly together while still crafting a great song with a strong message, as he usually accomplishes through his music.

Lamar’s major theme in Untitled 2 is the theme of money. “While you walking around with those blue faces.” Kendrick plays on the term “blue faces” speaking on both blue  100 dollar bills and the mood of feeling blue as in sad. While speaking on money, Lamar also has a conversation with someone who proclaims that they’ve made their moves with shackled feet. To show Lamar that he doesn’t have any excuses for not overcoming his own issues and not falling victim to his vices. Kendrick raps about his new alter ego “Cornrow Kenny” who falls victim to the vices that Lamar himself would not engage in, like being an addict to “blue faces”.

Kendrick once again focuses on issues that his fans can relate too. He crafted another great song, fussing Jazz and Hip-Hop together to put forth the obstacles that he is faced with and overcomes in his own life.

See Kendrick Lamar Perform Untitled 2 (Blue Faces)

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