Student From #DesertVistaHigh Apologizes

This past Monday a civil rights group had a rally at Desert Vista High in reaction to the picture with six senior girls spelling out the n-word with their t-shirts. At the rally Rachel Steigerwald, made an apology for her actions by being in the pictures with the other five girls. 


Stop apologizing for something that you meant to do. Rachel you knew exactly what you were doing and you were smiling. I actually have less respect for you Rachel, just come out and say that you’re a white supremacist. Don’t make a fake apology in public. Whoever believes your apology really needs their brain examined. Rachel you’re not sorry, if you were you wouldn’t have done it. The fact is, you got together with those other five girls, took the picture, and laughed about it. You are not sorry at all. Let me say this nicely… fuck your apology.

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