Eric Garner’s Mother Endorses Hillary Clinton

Gwen Carr, the wife of Eric Garner who was the victim of murder on video by race soldiers, recently came out in support of Hillary Clinton as the next president. She explained her stance by saying that she thinks Clinton is the only candidate who can properly address gun violence and police brutality. 


Mrs. Carr please sit down and shut the hell up. Stop endorsing white candidates that will do nothing for you or black people. News flash, Hillary Clinton is not going to try fix violence within’ the black comminity. And it’s not her job anyway, it’s out responsibility to fix our own community. Stop expecting people like Clinton to fix our problems, they don’t give a damn about black people. She has not spoken specifically to black people on how to help us, so she doesn’t deserve one vote from any black person. Gwen Carr, Hillary Clinton will do absolutely nothing for you, your dead husband, or black people if she’s “elected” president. Stop endorsing people that don’t endorse you.

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