Jeb Bush Praises Governor Snyder’s Handling of #FlintWaterCrisis

On Sunday, presidential candidate Jeb Bush praised the job that Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder has done in handling the aftermath of the water crisis and water poisoning in Flint. Bush said that he admires the manner in which Snyder has taken responsible and accepted responsibility for this crisis. 


How can you admire someone who aided in poison of a whole town? How has he accepted reaponsibility? Snyder is now trying to clean up the mess he made, the mess that has killed people, destroyed chlidren’s future, and destroyed families. And all for what? To save some money! It’s not worth it, but to people like Snyder I guess it is worth human life. “He’s fired people and accepted responsibility.” Snyder has fired people and so, he’s still governor, he needs to placed in jail. He purposely poisoned citizens of Flint, that is attempted murder and warfare. Snyder poisoned a majority black city and sacrificed poor whites. Rick Snyder is a cold-blooded white supremacists so it’s no surprise Jeb Bush would support him.

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