During the school’s senior picture day, six high school girls thought it would be hilarious to get together and spell out the n-word. After the picture was taken of the six girls at Desert Vista High School it was posted online. 

This goes to show that racism doesn’t die with the old, it is taught and passed down to the young like tradition. These six girls knew exactly what they were doing when they took this picture. I have no sympathy for these girls if anything happens to them, I wish the worst on these teenage devils. And another thing about this picture, why did you blur their faces? These six girls don’t deserve protection, they deserve to be blasted all over the internet. And to those that will say “they blurred out their faces because they’re just kids” to that I say hell no. They knew exactly what they were doing , I don’t give a damn if they’re “kids ” or not. 


Suspended 5 days? These girls should be expelled from this school. This should also go to show that the racist white woman is most of the time pushing the agenda more than that racist white man. In conclusion, with all due disrespect fuck these six girls.

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