Sarah Palin : Making Excuses For Her Son & Showing Her Racism

Sarah Palin’s son, Track Palin was arrested on Tuesday on for charges of domestic violence against his girlfriend. Track and his girlfriend were arguing about her possibly having sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend. Track then became violent toward himself and his girlfriend. Track Palin is an Iraq war veteran. 

Sarah Palin then excused her son’s actions by saying that suffered from PTSD. A disease that many military veterans suffer from. But I have one question for Sarah, why do you now reveal that your son Track has PTSD? Why haven’t you already talked about PTSD? Why haven’t you been an advocat for PTSD pubically? Now your son can be suffering from PTSD, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that ypu waited until your son committed domestic violence to reveal this. I think you’re making an excuse for your son by saying he suffers from PTSD. I mean you’re just proving the point that when white people committ acts of violence they use a mental disorder or disease to excuse what they have done. 

But Palin not only made excuses for her son, she in regular Sarah Palin fashion she blamed black people. Palin then question if President Obama cares enough about PTSD and the issues of veterans. Really Sarah? We should expext this from you by now. It’s not clear that your son committed domestic violence due to PTSD bit you still a black person, President Obama. Sarah stop trying to blame black people for your son’s suppossed issues, and get him the “help” he needs.

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