Nate Parker On Acting Roles For Black Men

Nate Parker recently spoke on the roles of black people and black men in the area of Hollywood. Nate Parker spoke on the issue while discussing his upcoming movie “Birth Of A Nation.” A movie in which he wrote, directs, and stars as Nat Turner. In the movie he details the story of Nat Turner a slave who escaped by creating a mass rebellion in 1831. 

Parker explains and expounds on a true reality in Hollywood. The issue of roles that are specifically made for black male actors that purposely protray black men in a negative light. If not that, then the roles show black men as “thugs” or lusting after white women. Parker spoke of being frustrated by going to auditions and reading off of a script where these stereotypes are present. I’m excited that Nat Parker decided to make his own movie about the story of Nat Turner. A story, which is non-fiction and tells a powerful story of a slave rebelling against the system and not protraying any old, negative black stereotypes.

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