Bernie Sanders : Reparations Would Be Divisive

Bernie Sanders recently did an interview with Fusion, and that interview he stated that he thought reparations for black people in America would be “divisive”. He believes the bill for reparations wouldn’t make it through Congress and secondly that it would be “divisive”.

To any black people that supports Bernie Sanders I ask, what is wrong with you? You vote for politicians that will do something specifically for you. I believe that if politicians don’t want to address the issues of the black community then simply DON’T VOTE! You are suppose to vote in your best interest, and if no one has your best interest, the don’t vote.

Bernie Sanders how would reparations would be divisive? Wait, the trans-atlantic slave trade wasn’t divisive? Slavery wasn’t divisive? Reconstruction wasn’t divisive? Jim Crow wasn’t divisive? Mass incarceration wasn’t divisive? Allowing drugs to enter black communities wasn’t divisive? Obviously these are retorical questions, but Bernie Sanders makes zero sense. Every group that has been through a tragedy has received reparations but when black people want reparations it’s suddenly “divisive”. Any black person that currently supports Sanders needs serious help.

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