Martin Luther King Day, many states in the United States didn’t want this holiday to exsist. But it’s ironic how most states didn’t want this holiday to exisit but now today white people love Dr. King. They love Dr. King because they only know the “I Have A Dream” Dr. King and not the man who was going to go to Washington D.C. in April of 1968 to demand from the federal government housing for poor people and reparartions for black people.


The media does not show the whole life of Dr. King, he was hated when he died by racist white people and he’s still hated today. During the Civil Rights Movement King was the “safe negro” to the government because he was marching and non-violent. That’s the Dr. King that is protrayed in the media. In the last years of his life, King protested the Vietnam War, focused on the poor, and reparations. That’s the King that is not protrayed in the media. So when you say “I love Dr. King” just remember that Martin Luther King Jr. supported reparations for black people and was murdered by the United States government. Do yourself a favor on this holiday and really learn how great Dr. King was, learn about his life as a whole not just the Civil Rights Movement.

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