In April of 2014 Flint, Michigan switched it’s water supply from the usual Lake Huron to the polluted Flint River. The state of Michigan had taken over the city budget of Flint and a state appointed manager made the decision to switch from Lake Huron to Flint River because of a financial emergency. So basically to save money the Governor and this state appointed manager distributed the city of Flint polluted water that contained lead in the water. With lead present in the water, this has caused lead poisoning in children and adults, people have died, and some people have decided to buy water filters because they don’t want to use the polluted lead water. 



The city of Flint is majority black and this water poisoning is a genocidal act. This lead poisoning effects learning, speech, and behavioral issues. The state purposely poisoned a majority black city, if this is not genocidal racism then I don’t know what is. The governor of Michigan and whoever else is responsible need to be placed in jail for this genocidal water crisis. The #FlintWaterCrisis is just another event in the system of white supremacy. 


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