Something To Think About Part III : Look At The Pattern

Native Americans, Indians, Japanesse Americans, and the Jewish all have been given reparations throughout history. All of those groups have been given reparations expect black people in America. Servitude, slavery, destruction during Reconstruction, Jim Crow Era, Segregation, and mass inceration (Jim Crow 2.0). All of these tradegies allowed to continue with the help or without any help from the Federal Government. This ignoring of these tradegies by this governemnt mean two things. To the Federal Government doesn’t care about tradegies of black people and you don’t matter to them. Another reason our tradegies have been ignored because not much has changed and some of these injustices are still occurring. Look at the pattern, the message is black people don’t and never be a priority to this government. So the mission is to make yourself matter, start your own business, build a black family empire, so you don’t have to depend on a government that clearly doesn’t care about you.

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