Paul LePage Racism

The Governor of Maine, Paul Lepage was asked last week about how he was going handle the heroin epidemic in the state. He responded by saying people with names like “D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty” come from places like New York and Connecticut come to sell their drugs and get white girls pregnant. 

LePage hit on all of nails on how to identify a racist. He blamed black people for a white drug epidemic, enforced that black men want to have sex with white women, and the imprisonment of black men. Lepage blamed black men with stereotypical movie names for the largely white drug epidemic of heroin. Why would a drug dealer go to the very small state of Maine to deal drugs anyway? Then LePage stated that these “drug dealers” are getting white women pregnant. This plays into the old myth that black men lust over white women. And finally he states that “severe penalties” need to be enforced on these people like “D-Money”. LePage is pushing the agenda of placing black men in prison, which already  occurred during the “war on drugs”.

Paul LePage stop blaming fictious drug dealers for the drug problem in your state, that is a white drug epidemic. 


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