My Conclusion : Free-Dumb Is Just An Illusion

Freedom’s just an illusion, and wrongly thought of by the world. I don’t see any freedom, I actually see more chains than freedom. Chains physically as in shackles and the chains on the minds of many that perpetually plague reality. What’s freedom? Still trying to figure that one out, probably because I haven’t seen much freedom my whole life. So don’t expect me to comprehend the definition of word that I don’t see put action. Webster tells me the definition of freedom is “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.” Private prisons for profit are in existence so how does that make sense. While these corporate prisons are traded on the stock exchange, prisoners are given unreasonable sentences and they’re worked for slave wages to produce products for million dollar corporations. So how is that freedom? The system of white supremacy dominates society which is a form of imprisonment and slavery. So how is that freedom? People are addicted to the allure of over priced shoes and clothes, and becomes slaves to corporations. So how is that freedom? As of now in the world, freedom’s just an illusion at least that’s my conclusion.

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