Bill Cosby : It’s About His Money

When the allegations of Bill Cosby “raping” a bunch of white women came out I knew it was about legacy and money. And now again I’m not surprised, I could see this coming pretty much a mile away.



Whenever it comes to destroying any black man it comes down to money. Listen to any of the women and people like Gloria Allred, they will say what it’s about, the money. 

Their plan is put Cosby in jail without any evidence. But that plan might not work because Cosby will not charged in two cases in California because there was not enough evidence. Hmm.. I wonder why? Because Cosby was not even in California at the time the women said that Cosby “raped” them. But the if the jail situation doesn’t work, take all his money by dragging him through civil cases will probably work. When Cosby dies he will either be in jail or just recently dragged through bullshit cases. This looks almost exactly like the situation that happened to Michael Jackson before he died.

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