Tyga & 14 Year Old Girl

To anyone that thought they would stop with these accusations with Bill Cosby, well you were wrong to think that. Here we go again, but this time with Tyga. The claims that were made are saying that he made sexual advances on a 14 year through Instagram. Attacking black men for supposedly sexually assaulting white women without any evidence continues to be a pattern. I wonder who they’re going to attack next? 

Guess who’s at the press conference with the 14 year old girl? You guessed it, Gloria Allred. Allred is also representing multiple women who claimed Bill Cosby “raped” them. Whenever there is an attack on black men, Gloria Allred seems to be front and center. Another set up and lie. Something needs to be done to be about evil ass people like Gloria Allred. 

Gloria Allred why would you be mad about the conversation by a magazine? Maybe the conversation was not what she’s claiming. This looks so fake and like a set up,  and the fact that Gloria Allred is behind this shows me all I need to see.


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