#OregonUnderAttack : Militia Terrorists Take Over Federal Building

Protests Saturday in Oregon over a ranch family facing jail time for arson quickly turned violent when a group of reported 150 people with guns took over a building at a National Wildlife Refuge.

Ammon Bundy son of racist Cliven Bundy was involved in the violent take over of the building. But I guess like father like son, Cliven pointed guns at the government last year and nothing happened to Bundy. 


No mainstream media coverage I see. Where y’all at? These people took over a federal building with guns and nothing has happened to them. Where the National Gaurd like Baltimore and Ferguson? Where the miltary tanks? The tear gas? 24/7 news coverage, where’s it at? I mean the town in Oregon has already decided to close down the schools. Where’s the outrage, the arrests, the hancuffs? Why aren’t you calling them terrorists?

They can get away with because they’re white and because they’re allowed too. Cliven Bundy got away with pointing guns at the government, and now his son Ammon Bundy along with 150 people have taken over a federal governemnt building. This is America in a nut-shell. 



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