Cosby Charged, But Tamir Rice?

Bill Cosby was recently charged in Philidelphia court with charges of sexual assault. Cosby was charged without any DNA evidence, rape kit, or witnessess. Basically it was a hit job, without any evidence. Cosby was charged days before the statue of limitations was set to expire, and the prosecutor ran for office with the promise of prosecuting this case. 


Meanwhile, in Cleveland days earlier the prosecutor and the grand jury in the Murder case of Tamir Rice refused to indict the race soldier who executed the 12 yeat old boy. The prosecutor didn’t want to indict the murderous race soldier, the other prosecutor badly wanted to indict Cosby. Something to know, Cosby was charged without a grand jury, and the race soldier who killed Tamir Rice was not charged with a grand jury. So what we know is that when they want to charged black people grand juries are useless. But when they don’t want to charge white supremacists race soldiers grand juries are present as an excuse.

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